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Hamoun Wetland: Coloring Book for Children

The purpose of publishing this instructional-coloring book is to acquaint children with Hamoun Wetland and the importance of its protection. This book was commissioned by the Sistan project and compiled by the Plan for the Land Association.

Hamoun: Natural and Human Face of Wetland

The present book is an illustrated documentation of the Sistan region and the collection of Hamoun International Wetlands during a 10-year period starting from 2011. In this book, flora and fauna of the area, water, and soil resources, climatic conditions, livelihoods of local communities, and their resilience against climate change, tourist attractions, and cultural heritage of the region is depicted. The sequence of the book`s illustrations shows the biological changes in the area before and after the drought of Hamoun Wetlands and reflects the biological complexity of humans and nature. The narrative structure helps the reader to better understand the history and the changes that have taken place in this region.