Capacity Building

Collecting and Reviewing Existing Baseline Studies, Participatory Completion of Required Basic Information, Needs Assessment and Comprehension Analysis of Capacities and Proposing Capacity Development Plans in Sistan Area

Consultant: University of Zabol

Collecting, summarizing and analyzing the basic studies in the three economic, social and environmental fields of Sistan region;
Determining the components of sustainable development and comprehensive management of natural resources in the region based on existing comparative advantages;
Determining the appropriate methodology and criteria and selecting 120 villages in the project area to intervene and carry out the capacity assessment process;
Evaluation of technical and functional capacities at the organizational scale (city and province organizations) and empowering environment.

Analytical report of Baseline studies of the region in the fields related to economic development, social and environmental development of Sistan
Determining 120 villages in the project area
Presenting a report on compiling monitoring indicators and evaluating the progress of capacity-development processes
Provide long-term comprehensive capacity development plans at the local and national levels and in line with the project objectives

Contract Duration: 6 Months
Project Progress 100%

Develop and Implement an Action Plan for Local Cohesion and Social Mobilization in the Pilot Villages of the Project

Consultant: Tose’e Yaran Noandishe Fartak Company

Achieving the goals of comprehensive and sustainable management of water and soil resources as well as local economy development through the active participation of local communities and social cohesion and mobilization in the Sistan area

Project pilots’ selection in close consultation with Zabol University;
Community level baseline analysis and plan including demonstration area for community capacity building and project engagement;
Prepare community mobilization action plan in local level for knowledge sharing, networking and project communications;
Prepare the economic empowerment of women action plan in the region and design a monitoring and evaluation framework based on the local community capacities;
Provide a fully documented model of local community participatory efforts to be exploited in future activities.

Contract Duration: 12 Months
Project Progress 50%

Collect and review existing baseline studies, evaluate, need analysis and comprehensive assessment of Sistan region from Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness Raising (CEPA) viewpoint

Consultant: Tose’e Yaran Noandishe Fartak Company

Comprehensive analysis of current status, capacities and needs of local communities in CEPA;
Provide general strategy, operational action plan and suggestion mechanism for capacity development and enhance local community resilience and sustainable development of Sistan region

Provide current status of Sistan region from Communication, Education, Participation and Awareness Raising viewpoint;
Analytical comprehensive report of CEPA status for the people of Sistan region;
Provide road map and action plan for enhancing CEPA status considering the project objectives;
Monitoring and evaluation plan of CEPA status in Sistan region during the following years

Contract Duration: 5 Months
Project Progress 100%