Communication and Visibility

Publication of a Book: The Natural and Human Face of Hamoun Wetland

Photographer: Ali Mohajeran, Hamed Gholami

Presenting the flora and fauna of the region, water and soil resources, climate, livelihood of local people and their resilience to climate change, tourist attractions and cultural heritage of the region;
Demonstration of biological changes in the region before and after the drought of Hamoun wetlands and the biological entanglement of humans and nature;

Duration of Contract: 8 Months
Project Progress 100%

Hamoun Friends Festival

Consultant: Earth Supporters Associations

Promoting the social responsibility of Sistan children for the protection of wetlands, especially Hamoun wetland.
Familiarity of children with the ecological and biological values of the beautiful Hamoun wetland;
Institutionalizing culture and creative thinking in the field of protection of Hamoun wetland along with the development of personality, mental, physical, emotional, social and moral dimensions and promoting the natural intelligence of children;
Raising a creative, skilled, thoughtful, spontaneous, rational, morally oriented, demanding and responsible generation for the protection of the environment, especially Hamoun Wetland;
Helping children to accept green responsibilities and behaviors with greater understanding and attitude in line with preserving the valuable treasures of the country's aquatic life.

Event time: April 2022
Project Progress 100%

Children Coloring Instructional Book

Consultant: Plan For the Land

Sensitizing and raising awareness among children aged 7 to 10 about the importance of Hamoon Wetland and its biological and economic values among indigenous communities

Duration of contract: 3 Months
Project Progress 100%

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