Development of Local Economy

Signing an MoU of “Participatory Integrated Innovative Platform”

Between Department of Environment, Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, United Nations Development Program and Governor of Sistan and Balouchistan Province

Create opportunities for capacity building and coordination, inter-sectoral cooperation and engagement of a wide range of stakeholders in line with sustainable management of water and soil resources and local economy development compatible with climate and alternative livelihoods
Encourage innovation, creativity, learning and create a scientific and safe environment to explore and provide common solutions

Actions implemented:
Investigation of water accounting in the Sistan region
Implementation and monitoring of a pilot underground greenhouse using renewable energy
Implementation and monitoring of shades over agricultural farms
Implementation of a pilot for completing the cumin value chain (mechanized planting, processing, packaging and marketing) in Zabol
Implementation of essential oil, concrete and absolute production complex (absolute extract) of Damask rose
Implementation and monitoring of subsurface drip irrigation of grapes in the lands having Chahak
Implementation and monitoring the development of windbreaks in farmers' lands
Investigating the potentials of executive activities for livestock products

MoU Duration: 12 Months
Project Progress 45%

Implement Activities in Line with Integrated Land Use Planning with Emphasis on the Development of Sustainable Livelihoods in Sistan

Consultant: Moassese Pajoheshi Rahbord Danesh Pooya Consortium

Identify local opportunities for creating and developing sustainable micro-enterprises in the target area through the implementation of activities to analyze the current state of land use;
Verification of findings according to available documents,
analysis of the current and desired situation in a participatory manner;
Develop monitoring and action plan of the project with a participatory approach

Introduce a participatory plan of sustainable and integrated land use planning in the target area and develop the basic requirements for its implementation;
Conduct a document / action plan for a sustainable and integrated land use planning plan in a participatory manner in the target area;
Preparation of project best experiences and lessons learned in the field of sustainable management and integrated land use planning in a participatory manner

Contract Duration: 6 Months
Project Progress 100%

Implementation of Measures to Evaluate the Market and Value Chain Analysis of Products with Competitive Advantages

Consultant: Mr. Ali Moniri

Study the current market situation of products that were produced in the past in Sistan and are not currently produced
Evaluate the market and analyze the value chain of products that have competitive advantages in the region

Repositioning and development of Sistan brand as the main source of special value creation for businesses in the region is considered as the most necessary action for sustainable development of livelihood and its businesses,
Development of infrastructure and basic industries with a focus on packaging and distribution industries in order to improve access to national, regional and international markets,
Development and creation of marketing, advertising and PR infrastructure, in order to help re-position the Sistan brand and raise its products and services level of awareness in order to create added value based on brand,
Correct educational policy based on the needs of businesses in the region and the development of human resources and people of Sistan region through special and value-based skills and practical training
Development of tourism pillars and infrastructure, including accommodations, hotels, guides and tour leaders, historical, natural and cultural tourism sites, travel agencies and local travel companies, in a planned manner,
Establishment of industrial and service clusters in the field of businesses with development capacity,
Paying special attention to the artistic capacities and local artists of the region and local elements and updating and supporting them in order to produce unique artistic contents,
Identify effective capacities and local influencers,
Appropriate use of cyberspace and online capacities in the development of businesses.

Contract Duration: 5 Months
Project Progress 100%