Management of water and soil resources

Providing the Necessary Equipment and Infrastructure in Order to Enhance Resilience and Empowerment of Takhtak Inhabitants in Support of Sistani Cattle Breeding in Extreme Conditions of Water Stress and Drought in The Region

Consultant: Ab o Mohite Ziste Paydare Sharif Company

Enhance resilience of Takhtak inhabitants of Hamoun wetland in extreme water and drought conditions of the region

Distribution of 80 water transport and storage tankers in the volume of 1000 and 5000 liters
Supply and distribution of portable solar panels with a capacity of 100 watts for lightening purposes
Supply and distribution of sanitary items and provide ranchers with necessary trainings in line with the livestock hygiene including 400 liters of Flometrin toxin, 320 liters of anti-parasite syrup and 5 tons of mineral brick
Supply scaffolding pipes in order to construct corridors to restrain livestock

Contract Duration: 2 Months
Project Progress 100%

Investigating the Potential and Strategy of Development and Exploitation of Various Renewable Energy Sources in Sistan Region

Consultant: Ms. Leila Seidabadi

Study of the current situation of the use of renewable energy (clean energy) in Sistan region
Investigate the possibilities and constraints in the field of renewable energy (clean energy) development in the local communities of Sistan region
Compare the efficiency of each energy source in Sistan region and propose priority options for investment and development
Determine the capacity development of each renewable energy type of according to existed resources and infrastructure, which could be provided in Sistan region
Determine suitable zones for the deployment of each energy source
Develop strategies and action plans at the local community level to implement the priority options

Proposed suggestion for optimizing the development and exploitation of renewable energies:

A) Wind energy
Installation of high-capacity wind power plants and turning the region into a wind energy hub
Maintenance of off-circuit power plants
Establishment of workshops for making home wind turbines
Rehabilitation of wind deflectors and encouragement to install wind deflectors in existing buildings
Recovery of kharkhouneh using felt filters
B) Solar energy
Installation of off-grid photovoltaic systems for remote areas,
Establishment of workshops for making structures or some photovoltaic equipment
Installation of solar water heaters in rural areas to provide heating and sanitary water heaters,
Establishment of solar water heater manufacturing workshops
Installation and commissioning of solar dryers for farmers

C) Eco Energy
Installation of environmentally friendly biogas digester in the flat area of Hamoun wetland,
Installation of biogas digester for gas extraction from waste and wastewater treatment plants,
Planting oilseeds with low water consumption instead of weeding and biofuel extraction

D) Hydropower
Installation of water turbines in Chahnimeh

Contract Duration: 2 Months