Quick Win Projects


UNDP and Sistan project define quick win projects as cash awards – selected via programmatic decisions – to civil society and non-governmental partners to generate and solicit development solutions for which no repayment is typically required. The purpose for the use of QWPs include:

a)  Strengthening the institutional capacity of entities critical for achieving development objectives;

b)  Supporting community-based self-help initiatives, which may include income-generating activities designed to alleviate poverty;

c)   Promoting advocacy activities and networking between civil society organizations, a government and donors;

d)  Supporting NGOs and community-based organizations involved with nature-based solutions, climate change actions and poverty eradication activities; and/or

e)  Development challenges that still require some level of experimentation to identify possible solutions

With the following specific subjects relevant to the project main components:

  1. Tourism, handicrafts and cultural development
  2.  Economic empowerment of women
  3. Agriculture and animal husbandry
  4. Fisheries and aquaculture
  5. Entrepreneurship and development of small and medium sized enterprises
  6. Soil, water and wetland management
  7. Trade and commerce

Quick Win Eligibility

QWPs can be awarded to local civil society, community-based organizations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) in Sistan area (including Zabol, Zahak, Hirmand, Nimrouz and Hamoun districts) as eligible recipients of Quick Win projects.

Private sector and commercial entities, and governmental organizations (e.g. regional governments, municipalities, etc.) are not eligible to receive QWPs.

Funding Quick Win Project

Funding quick win projects that bring benefits in social, economic and environment scales in Sistan is done through Sistan Project. It is suggested that applicants participate with cash and in-kind contributions. Such contributions will be reflected in the proposal form of the projects.

Duration of the Selected Projects

Implementation duration of selected projects cannot exceed 12 months.

Quick Win Project Selection Process

Transparency and simplicity of the governance process play important role in the quick win projects selection process. The proposal of quick win projects would be reviewed, assessed and approved by the approval committee including UNDP, Project team from Department of Environment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provincial authorities (general governor of Sistan and Balouchestan Province and relevant technical departments), non-governmental organization and also scientific institutes and local university representatives. The approval committee members would assess the proposals from technical, feasibility and budgetary aspects based on the scoring forms.

The criteria to select proposals are as follow:


Does the proposal meet these purposes?

1.    Enhance the production efficiency

2.    Optimize natural resources use

3.    Improve household and other social institutions income

4.    Employment and entrepreneurship

5.    Conserve biological resources.

The proposal is multipurpose10
The proposal methodology is transparent10
The implementation of the project would enhance region’s social and cultural level10
A certain minimum threshold of applicant organization capacity to implement the project10
The cash or in-kind participation of the applicant10

The project supports the quick win recipients:

a)      Women’s credit funds

b)      Local and rural groups

c)      All local entrepreneur groups and organizations

d)      Innovative youth groups

Application of innovative ideas or methods in the proposal10
Long-term sustainability and generalizability of the proposed project10
The official registration of the applicant organization10

The proposals, which would meet the desired criteria and implementation/legal requirements will be announced on Sistan Project website (www.sistanproject.ir).

Implementing, Monitoring and Reporting

The contractor is required to implement the project regarding terms of contract, plan and budget being allocated.

Any changes in project (such as changes in timing or failure in fulfillment of proposal goals) need a written approval and prior coordination with UNDP Tehran office and Sistan Project team.

Monitoring and financial management of quick win projects will be done by UNDP in Tehran. The executive management of the projects will be done by Sistan Project technical specialists. Site visits and monitoring will be done by technical specialists of the Sistan Project accompanied by UNDP representatives in Iran to observe project progress.

Constant monitoring will be done to ensure regular data gathering and control project progress would be on track to meet the determined goals.

Terms of Contract

The contract will be concluded between contractor and UNDP right after completion of below conditions:

1.      Finalizing the proposal with collaboration of technical team of the project and contractor,

2.      Approval of provincial organizations,

3.      Announcement of bank account (the contractor’s bank account or a new account),

4.      The acceptance of the draft of the contract by contractor and signing of the contract,

This announcement in accordance with the UNDP Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures (POPP) on the specifications of the Low Value Grants Program.

Submitting proposals does not mean the proposal will get accepted and creates no obligation for parties to conclude a contract.

Participation in Quick Win Project

Interested individuals can find more information on UNDP website https://www.ir.undp.org and Sistan Project website www.sistanproject.ir and submit their proposals in due time.