The flow of hope on the dry body of Sistan by supporting the alternative livelihoods of local communities

Local groups signed the contracts for the first set of quick-win projects on Monday, February 16, 2022.

Neda Asad Falsafizadeh, Acting National Project Manager, announced the signing of contracts for the first set of quick-win projects by local groups in the region. She noted that the overall goals of these projects are to strengthen institutional capacity in the Sistan region and are implemented in areas such as tourism, handicrafts, and cultural development, agriculture and animal husbandry, and women’s affairs.

Falsafizadeh expressed hope that with the implementation of these plans, we will see the development of home businesses and a reduction in the pressure on natural resources in the Sistan region.

Referring to the presence of local groups in the provincial office of the Sistan Project in Zabul and the signing of the contract and the delivery of relevant guarantees, she said: During the briefing sessions, the implementation process, how to report, how to pay, and attend future meetings were described to the selected groups.

Quick-win projects are one of the executive actions of the Sistan project and attract the participation of actors with a unique perspective on the issue of development. These projects are presented in 7 areas: tourism, handicrafts and cultural development, women’s economic empowerment, agriculture and animal husbandry, fisheries and aquaculture, entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise development, soil, water, and wetland management, and trade and commerce. These projects have been prepared for executive work in the region after the evaluation and selection processes in the evaluation committee and relevant organizations and funding.

The titles of the first six rounds are:

  • Planting 50 hectares of annual medicinal plants in an integrated manner
  • Turning a historic citadel into an eco-lodge
  • A complete chain of quail breeding
  • Setting up sewing training workshops for rural teenage girls
  • Packing traditional Sistan products and breeding
  • Breeding and poisoning scorpions

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